Great by Choice – Book Summary by Imprint Plus Book Club

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At the beginning of May 2012, the CEO of Imprint Plus Marla Kott, attended a lecture given by Jim Collins at the Women’s President Organization Annual Conference. Marla wrote a little bit about how Jim Collin’s speech and his book impacted her right here on this blog

I’m also an avid reader of business books, partly because of my MBA training, but also because new ideas keep me on my toes, and push me to up my game. I thought it would be great to bring a little bit of that spirit to our name badge company.

So, I tapped our President Ellen Flanders to be the facilitator, and the Imprint Plus Book Club was born. One of our company’s core values is “continuous improvement,” and our little book club falls perfectly under that goal: We hoped that the books would encourage information-sharing, discussion, and skill development. We also thought that maybe we’d have a little fun while we were at it…

The first book that we discussed as a group here at Imprint Plus was Great by Choice” co-written by Jim Collins and Morten T. Hansen. The book is a quick read that is full of stories and supportive factual research.

Great by Choice analyzes the findings between some of the top companies and their methodical approaches to discipline and information in a level of a high paranoia.  We gave staff 2 months to read, and then sat down to discuss our findings.

We learned so much for each other’s insights. We discussed:

  • What it takes for a company to be part of the 10Xers
  • The critical importance of discipline in business
  • The 20-miles march
  • Bullets-bullets-cannonball and SMaC (Specific, Methodical and Consistent) concepts for testing a strategy
  • And how we can positively influence the ROL (return on luck) when faced with uncertainty

After reading Jim and Morten’s Great by Choice book we were immediately able to use and apply some of these concepts in our day-to-day name badge and signage business. It also helped us establish a common language within our daily business activities.

We couldn’t have asked for a better turn out from our staff; everyone was super engaged, and really wanted to get the most of it.

Now on to Book #2! We are currently in the process of selecting the next book. We’ll let you know what it is so you can follow along with us. Thanks for reading.



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