Products and Markets are not static

Posted on: February 2nd, 2012 by

The competitive reality that Imprint Plus faces is always changing. Consequently, the processes affecting the company successes are accelerated, in particular the growth of products. Today, most dynamic companies consider a product to be a controllable variable of prime importance in strategic planning. When Imprint Plus develops and conceives a product in response to the needs of a particular market, it is easier to distribute, promote, and sell, while a badly developed and conceived product can hardly be a commercial success even if the other strategic variables are at the best level.

Our products can be presented differently through modifications that either improve its current use or propose another use corresponding to new needs. In addition, Imprint Plus may also decide to create a new product or to abandon unprofitable ones. This is why we are constantly monitoring the market, evaluating existing products, and finding ideas for modifying them or for creating new products.

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