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–Patients Want to Know the Name and Specialty of Medical Personnel–

In a nationwide survey, Imprint Plus revealed that four out of five patients say that it is important to identify the name and specialty of medical personnel when being treated, and this need is even more important for women than men. When asked how important it was to know the name and specialty of medical personal, more than 75% stated that it was important with more than half of the respondents stating that it was very important. Seventy-nine percent of the respondents stated that they trusted a hospital or medical institution more when the doctors, nurses, technicians, and staff were identified by name and job title.

Ninety-three percent of all respondents with men and women being equal preferred that the medical team also be identified by their individual specialties, such as oncologist, occupational therapist, cardiologist, social worker, etc. Most importantly, wearing a name badge helped eighty-four percent of the patients surveyed to connect with the medical staff personnel when being treated.

Patients in medical environments tend to be anxious when the doctor is introduced to them for the first time.  The name badge allows the patient to know who they are speaking with when someone addresses them, making each encounter more meaningful and less stressful.

When asked if wearing a name badge helped the patient to connect with the medical staff, eighty-four percent of the total respondents answered yes, with females being slightly higher (87%). And, roughly one in four of the respondents identified a male in a white lab coat as a doctor, which may often not be the case.  In general, people place a higher level of trust in businesses and institutions that visibly brand and distinguish their staff. Identifying the medical staff with a professional name badge promotes accountability and a commitment to the patient, and can enhance the overall experience.




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