Value of Branding

Posted on: January 31st, 2012 by

Branding facilitates the selection, creates comfort, and provides a piece-of-mind for the customer.  In branding, customers have that emotional connection, the bond, the trust and relationship with the product or service that facilitates the buying process.  Branding also provides a perceived value for the product.

At Imprint Plus, we will continue to build the brand.  Our customers know that the products they buy are the result of many years of expertise and ongoing research.  We are always looking for improvement in order to enhance our quality of our product and services.  What amazes me is that Marla Kott, CEO of Imprint Plus, did all these changes over the years at no cost to the customers.  For me, this truly represents a commitment to building the best name badge product on the market and maximizing customer satisfaction.  This is what the Imprint Plus brand is all about.

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