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Imprint Plus makes custom name badges for business and we’ve identified 21 different industries that use our name badge products. However, generally speaking, business name badges can fall under four specific categories:

  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Financial Services
  • Other (Which includes government, education, healthcare, and more)

When you order Imprint Plus professional business name badges for employees, visitors, or volunteers, most will fall under one of the following 5 sectors:

Name badges for Uniforms Promotional Products
Logo Badge Products Brand/Employee Identification Badges
Ad Specialty Badges

Business Name Badge Buying Seasons

When it comes to personalized name badges for business, the selling and buying seasons may vary across different industries. However, thanks to the wide variety of serviceable industries a different sector is top of mind every month here at Imprint Plus. For example:

  • Ski resorts purchase custom business name badges for their season in July/August
  • “Cold weather resorts” in the Caribbean buy in November
  • Golf courses on the East Coast are ordering personalized name badges and custom name tags in March/April
  • University and education buyers are weighing their options for name badges for teachers in August

For some, budgets begin in January, while others, like those that need name badges for retail, consider Back to School and/or American Thanksgiving as ideal product launch timing. Identifying the critical issues to each buyer and focusing on solving individual challenges can prove difficult when you are selling name badges for businesses across so many industries, but at Imprint Plus we love the variety and excitement.

Buying Name Badges

Although buying custom name badges for business, including hospitality, retail, your office, conferences, or even corporate events can seem like really minor purchases in terms of total dollars spent, surprisingly, for most companies, the decision-making for it often falls to the CEO or President. Despite its small size, buying business name badges involves quite a lot of significant details including:

The Logo Coloring Font
Layout Styling Badge Feel

All these will factor into the design whether buying small business name badges or name badges for corporate events or conferences. They also factor in the manner in which your brand message is communicated.

It is critical that name badges for companies (including ID name tags) reflect your company’s mission and profile. Simply put, if your company is branded as “friendly”, the business name badge should be friendly. If your company emphasizes its customers, the badge should be customer-focused, which could mean indicating the languages each employee can speak, or his/her state, province, and/or country of origin.

Your company may choose to print professional designations, government license numbers, company license numbers, or security codes right on your name badges for employees. Each specific ID name tag customization adds value to the communication and enhances the customer experience in the direction intended by your brand.

To date, Imprint Plus name badges for businesses have been utilized by over 25,000 North American companies including our Imprint Plus copyrighted name badge software, which probably totals up to more PCs than most commonly used software products!

Imprint Plus also sells custom desk and door name plates plus reusable food service signage for restaurants and hospitality.

Key Industries that Use Our Name Badges for Business

Find the industry sector that best matches your business to learn more about our available reusable name badges for business including business card name badges, ID name tags, lanyards, and more.

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