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62,754 badges sold to the Gaming Industry in 2011, a 62% jump in units from last year!

The patented Imprint Plus™ reusable name badge system can save you thousands of dollars over engraved, one-time-use badges. So many gaming properties choose our premium quality our premium quality name badges because they look professionally engraved, but offer the convenience of in-house creation and reusability. You can finally stop making badges one-by-one, turn off your engraving machine, and toss out the plastic badge plates! With Imprint Plus™, you’ll simultaneously simplify and enhance your name badge program. We offer the high end look you’re seeking without all the hassle. So, what are you waiting for?

We’re thrilled that Imprint Plus™ is the vendor of choice for so many world famous casinos! Some of our key casino customers include Wynn Resorts, City of Dreams, Venetian Casino Resort, Casino de Montréal, Mohegan Sun, and MGM Grand.

Why our Name Badge Program Works Well in Casinos

If you want to do the following, then the Imprint Plus name badge system is perfect for your casino:

  • Create a VIP atmosphere
  • Elevate your brand and brand power
  • Make your staff an extension of your brand
  • Consistency between badges and signage
  • Connect with guests and players
  • Make staff and services easily identifiable
  • Maximize your name badge dollars
  • Simplify administration of name badge program

System Features and Benefits

  • High-end, polished look
  • Metal badge plates offer a more elegant look than plastic alternatives
  • Top of the industry for style and quality
  • Flawless badge designs on par with your exclusive brand
  • Looks engraved but offer reusability
  • Reusable badges make the most of your badge budget
  • Reusable by design-not with tape-reused badges look just as good as the first batch
  • Personalization and customization are easy with design software (included with most starter kits)
  • Badges are made in-house- cut out waiting time and errors
  • Badges are made instantly-ready for employees on first day
  • Diverse badge sizes available to increase your real estate
  • Award-winning color matching and screen printing make sure your logo is absolutely perfect on every badge
  • 1 year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship

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Testimonials from Imprint Plus™ Gaming Customers

“We are most impressed with the quality of these products. The simplicity of typing name badges and inserting them into a re-usable plate makes it a pleasant task to follow through. In fact: today we finished typing and assembling 365 name tags for our Call Center department staff members. It only took 3 hours to complete this request. Its cost effectiveness makes it easier for us to replace name tags without having to throw away the “old fashioned engraved style” name tags.”

- Jackie Valladares, Employment Coordinator, MGM Resorts International

“We are now able to prepare and give a name tag to an employee on the same day which is light years ahead of what we were able to offer in the past.”

- Chantal Pelletier, Casino de Montréal (2011)

“I recommend [Imprint Plus badges] because of the quality of the print and ease of printing the badge. The Venetian was actually carving large plastic badges with names [before Imprint Plus]. When you have over 4000 employees, it is much easier to type in the names and let the printer do the rest!”

-Jack E. Petersen, Purchasing Manager, Sands Expo and Convention Center