Name Badges

Conference Name Badges
Identify Exhibitors, Attendees & Speakers

Why We Made This

Planning an event or conference? Custom conference style name badge and ID badges are integral to any tradeshow or conference providing the ability to easily identify exhibitors, visitors, speakers and on-site staff. Imprint Plus™ conference badges will identify your attendees properly.

How It Works

Tradeshow or conference attendees can slip their business cards into an ID badge card holder for a completely personalized ID badge program. Or you can create personalized paper inserts with the conference and attendee names, graphics and more.

Our name badge software can help you create and customize your conference name badge quickly and easily.

Key Features

standard conference badge

  • Hard shelled pouch
  • Available in 3 convenient sizes

Tech Specs

  • Available in 20-unit starter kits


Top Sellers

Gold Name Tag Sample by Imprint Plus

Conference Badge Kit Rectangular

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Medium Silver Name Badge Sample

Conference Badge Kit Square

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Black Pin Name Badge by Imprint Plus

Red 3D Panorama Badge Kit

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