Printing Name Badges

Custom Name Badge Printing
with P-Touch® Brother Label Maker

Why We Made This

Introducing a new way to print the famous Imprint Plus™ reusable name badges! You can finally use your beloved P-Touch® Labeller to personalize our badges, and they’ll still be reusable.

How It Works

Don’t have access to a computer? No problem! You can now use your Brother P-Touch® label printer to personalize your badges.  An exclusive from Brother, Imprint Plus™ is thrilled to offer P-Touch® compatible cassettes with non-adhesive labels designed specifically for use with our medium size name badge and lenscovers.

Key Features

  • Prints black graphics and text
  • Prints white graphics and text
  • First time white text and graphics are possible with Imprint Plus™ name badges since desktop printers don’t print white
  • Myriad of name badge colors available
  • Non-adhesive labels leave no marks or residue on badges
  • Best value! Personalize 100 badges with one cassette

Tech Specs

  • The Imprint Plus™ exclusive P-Touch® cassettes are compatible with the following 1″ (24mm) P-Touch® labellers: PT-1400, PT-1650, PT-2430, PT-2700, PT-7600, PT-9500PC, PT-9600
  • Currently only compatible with medium size name badges (dimensions: 1″ x 3″)
  • Name badge colors include: Gold, silver, white, blue, red, orange, purple, green and pink
  • Badge Wear™ kits include 10 medium badge plates, 10 lenscovers, 1 P-Touch® cassette with black or white ink, and 10 magnetic fasteners

Top Sellers

Gold Name Tag Sample by Imprint Plus

Brother® P-touch® Black Badge Kit 10-Units

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Medium Silver Name Badge Sample

Brother® P-touch® Blue Badge Kit 10-Units

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Black Pin Name Badge by Imprint Plus

Brother® P-touch® Clear Non-Stick Badge Tape

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Download our detailed instruction sheet for step-by-step instructions about how to create your Brother P-Touch® badges using our name badge insert sheets.

P-Touch® Badge Labeling Instructions-Imprint Plus
P-Touch® Badge Labeling Instructions-Imprint Plus
P-touch Badge Labeling-Instructions-Imprint Plus.pdf
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