How to Place an Order on Your Corporate E-store

  1. Log In

    1. Log in with your account at
  2. Shop

    1. Click on the item(s) you would like to purchase, change the quantity and click “Add to cart”
    2. Complete the names you would like on the name badges if that option pops up for you.

    Note: If you have a lot of name badges to enter, do it in batches of ten: if the form times out while you are entering names, all names will have to be retyped.

  3. Checkout

    1. When you are ready to checkout your order, click on “View Cart” at the top right of the page and click “Checkout”

  4. Customer Info

    1. Enter a promotional code at the top of the page if you have one.
    2. If you want the Shipping info to match the Billing info, complete the Billing info before checking “Use Billing Address”.
    3. You are able to save the current address in your account for later use by checking the “Save For Future” box.
    4. For US Customers: A federal tax ID or EIN number is required in order to ship the products to the US.

    Note: The Zip/Postal Code needs to match the city. If they do not match, the checkout process will be halted before your order is complete.

  5. Shipping & Payment

    1. Select a shipping method, even if there is only one option available.
    2. Select your payment method and complete the form as required.

    Note: The billing info needs to match the address of the credit card used for the order. If they do not match, the checkout process will be halted before your order is complete.

  6. Review & Submit

    1. Review your order and click “Submit Order” when everything is correct.
  7. Order Complete

    1. Click “Print Receipt” to print a confirmation of your order
    2. You will receive a e-mail confirmation within 24 hours with all the details of your order. If you haven’t received any e-mail after 24 hours please contact your customer service representative at or call toll-free at 1-800-563-2464 to check if your order has been placed.
    3. To verify if immediately if your order has been sent, click on “View Cart”; your cart should now be empty.
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