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Imprint Plus™ logo

The Imprint Plus™ Brand

Imprint Plus™ is the proud parent to YouWho™, The Mighty Badge™, and Badge Wear™. Imprint Plus™ also represents its own product line, the company’s first and signature range: The Reusable Name Badge System. It’s a business-to-business line that is the company’s top seller. It’s the #1 badge in the North American hospitality industry, and is used across 21 industries and in 67 countries. The Imprint Plus™ brand has been crafted and re-crafted to represent premium quality, professional, innovative products and services. With a history of over 30 years in the name badge business, we strive for a brand conveys credibility, competence and confidence.

The Imprint Plus™ brand is built on the following pillars:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Innovation
  • Quality in Craftsmanship
  • Eco-Consciousness
  • Continuous Improvement

Imprint Plus™ exists as a corporate companion offering professionalism, trust, customer service, quality and resources to accommodate the most stringent brand requirements. Imprint Plus™ believes in helping businesses on a personal level, devoting time and care to a customized badge program. Imprint Plus™ gives the customer autonomy, but only to facilitate convenience; should problems arise, Imprint Plus™ offers support. Imprint Plus™ is sophisticated. After 30 years of evolution, the structure and quality of the reusable name badge system is innovative, intuitive and technologically adept. The brand puts these proficiencies forward and works hard to deliver a product customers have come to respect.

The Name “Imprint Plus™”

The word “Imprint” was originally selected for its double meaning: (1) A reference to the process of imprinting images on metal plates-the company’s specialty at the time; and (2) a reference to lasting “imprint”, or impression, that a professional,  consistent look will leave. The “Plus” came in to give the name an extra boost. It referred to that extra oomph that the Imprint Plus™ badge was going to give its wearer. The company’s first logo featured a footprint in the sand with a 6th toe; the footprint reflected the “imprint”, and the extra toe was the “plus”.

The Imprint Plus™ Logo

The Imprint Plus™ logo is strategically crafted to reflect a bright, modern Imprint Plus™: an eco-conscious company built on a continuing history of innovative ideas, craftsmanship, and integrity in our products and design. It is a lower case treatment of the Imprint Plus™ name, alongside a vibrant green image of a handshake which represents the instant connection forged by a name badge, as well as the commitment Imprint Plus™ has to its customers.

The Imprint Plus™ Motto

In the past, reusable name badges were very limiting. The reason for this restrictiveness was that most reusable badges employed adhesive tape or labels as the reusable component, and this tape was then affixed to a paper or plastic badge plate. The narrow size of the tape really limited what you could put on the badge. Most of these badges could only fit one line of text, and in order to reuse the badge, you had to peel off the tape, which had the potential to dirty the badge plate, and really ruin the overall look of the badge. So, when Imprint Plus™ designed its reusable name badge system, we attempted to resolve these issues.

Our reusable name badge system uses clear, non-adhesive labels that we call “inserts” to personalize the badges. These inserts encompass the full size of the badge plate from edge-to-edge. This gives the user much more space to customize than the other adhesive tape-based reusable badges. The reusable name badge allows you to use the entire area of the badge to communicate with your customers. The opportunity for brand-building and expression is endless with our product! More space allows the user to play around with logo placement, 3 lines of text, mottos, promotional messages, special event announcements and more. Also the fact that new inserts can be created instantly by anyone with a PC and printer means that branding and messaging can be updated as often as the user would like, in essence “freeing [our customers] identities” via our name badges.

The Imprint Plus™ motto “free your identity” was initially conceived as “don’t label yourself; free your identity,” which spoke to how an adhesive label-based badge restricted the user in a way that our reusable name badge did not. Eventually, after many iterations, the quick and easy tagline “free your identity” was born, which highlights a key benefit of our reusable name badge system. Without size and material limitations, the reusable name badge from Imprint Plus™ allow you to put forth everything that you and your team are about in full color, with the flexibility to change as you and your business do.


The Mighty Badge™ Logo w/name badge treatment

The Mighty Badge™ Brand

The Mighty Badge™ brand and logo has been crafted for the exclusively of our distributors who are established in each state, carrying inventory and supplying local businesses. Our corporate brand promise to provide innovative ideas, craftsmanship, and integrity is maintained for this branded extension.

The Mighty Badge™ brand personality is no fly on the wall. Strong in character and independent by nature, the Mighty Badge™ facilitates the entrepreneurial leader. Time is money and he who does it best, does it himself. If the product is easy to use, looks good and functions dependably, the customer is happy.

The Mighty Badge™ Kit incorporates 18 registered patents and processes, including Microsoft Certified Gold design software.  The patented dual-layer insert sheets with new corner tab design are specifically developed to guarantee reproductions in vibrant and bright colors with inkjet or laser printers.   This sheet design ensures every insert can be printed in bulk, or one at a time, with multiple uses of the same sheet.   The patented shatter-proof lenscovers are engineered with specific tolerances combined with the isometric design that creates a 3D look, a perfect fit, projecting and protecting the badge’s graphic and text.  Now every customer can afford a professional badge with this technology.

The YouWho™ Logo

The YouWho ™ Brand

The YouWho™ Brand is the new baby for Imprint Plus™. It is our business-to-consumer brand that was developed.

The YouWho™ Brand has been built on the following pillars:

  • Professionalism
  • Quality
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Innovative Design
  • Fun

YouWho™ is designed to be a market leader that commands attention in the retail environment. The YouWho™ brand is engaging, distinctive and easily recognizable, and articulates the human desire to connect with others be it in a business, social or recreational context. The brand personality reflects the name badge system’s intrinsic characteristics: high quality, professional, easy to use and reliable. YouWho™ gives the user the ability to create their own personal brand and allows them to stand out in a crowd.

The brand  position for YouWho™ – “the last name badge you will ever need to buy,” aims to convey the quality and longevity of the YouWho™ badge system. It truly is a program designed to expand and adapt as you and your business evolve and grow. The YouWho™ range replaces the temporary/single use products currently available to the retail customer, which are mainly the “hello my name is” sticky labels. The YouWho™ name badge system is professional, and goes beyond the existing “name badge category” for retail. We  are creating a new category altogether with professional name badges that until now, were only available to larger companies via the manufacturer. Now, everyone has the ability to customize and create their own brand with just a few clicks of the mouse.

The YouWho™ package is designed to be a head turner and a conversation starter. The package depicts several people looking towards the visual representation of the name badge, and these characters represent the brand’s diverse target market. We believe this product has a place in every business. The brand characters’ expressions should be light, fun, engaging and inquisitive.

YouWho™ Product Benefits

  • Proven Product: Over 2.3 million badges sold just last year
  • Professional Look: There is no other “off-the-shelf” solution that gives you the polished look of a Fortune 500 company (Fortune 500 companies do wear this badge.)
  • Convenient: YouWho™ badges look permanently engraved, but are personalized with clear inserts that can be printed in-house with existing office equipment
  • Won’t Damage Clothes: Signature magnetic fasteners leave jackets and shirt intact
  • Quality Product: Youwho™ badges are durable and designed to keep up with your active lifestyle
  • White Background Option: White inserts are included with gold and silver kits in addition to clear inserts
  • Software Included: The YouWho™ kits include software, which makes in-house name badge designing and printing easy and affordable
  • Flexible: The badge can be easily and quickly updated, which is perfect for new hires, seasonal staff, high employee turnover, revolving promotions, and more
  • Affordable Price Point: YouWho™ is excellent value for a top quality product

YouWho™ Target Industries and Buyers

Imprint Plus™, currently targets business that use name badges; their concern is with how the product compares to other name badge suppliers. Our job is to convince target businesses that our product is the right fit and solution for their company. With YouWho™, we adopted a different approach to our strategy, starting with identifying who our perspective client is. From the branding documents and questionnaires supplied from marketing, our target market is small business owners, entrepreneurs, independent sales people, etc. The target buyers for the YouWho™ products are the young entrepreneurs, freshmen who have a brand or company, and want to grow their business.  They are the individual who wants to be known and is attending many networking sessions.

The following are some of the key industries that the YouWho™ product line is perfect for:

Clubs Teachers Church events
Small companies/SOHO Consultants Family reunions
Event planners Coaches Sales reps
Students Mom-preneurs Franchisees
Small professional firms Independent storekeepers Individuals
Medical offices Restaurant Professionals
Individuals attending conferences, networking events, charity functions

Obstacles to YouWho™

Traditionally, Imprint Plus™ has worked in the business-to-business space. Our job with B2B customers was to convince them to choose our reusable name badges over the competitor’s badges; the basic value of a badge was understood. The challenge with the YouWho™ brand is in educating people who have not yet considered name badges, or their value. Preconceived notions about name badges may include that they’re only worn by lower level employees, or that they’re too expensive for smaller businesses; name badges may not be considered standard in certain industries, and some may feel that its simply non-essential. Our goal is to dispel these myths by highlighting how name badges can add value to any and every business by increasing brand consistency, staff morale, and customer loyalty, amongst other benefits.