Being Green

Imprint Plus™ Green Policies for Name Badges

imprint plus believes in being green

At Imprint Plus™ we consider stewardship of the environment an important part of doing business. We actively take steps to reduce the impact of our manufacturing process on the environment, and our employees are on board. We’re working together to make our work lives greener, and continue to look for ways to improve our lean manufacturing processes by reducing, reusing or recycling throughout the company.

Imprint Plus™ was the first in Canada to earn the EarthRight Business Institutes’ (EBI) Silver rating. EBI’s Silver Certification requires a high level of management commitment, sustainability planning and demonstrated action.

Imprint Plus™ is aligned with your eco-conscious values and goals:

  • Printed materials are produced with paper that is high in post-consumer waste, and produced with vegetable based inks
  • Our Panorama® name badge and the accompanying lenscover are completely recyclable
  • Imprint Plus™ uses the smallest packaging available to the point that it does not compromise the safety and integrity of the product
  • Office mixed paper recycling performed by Recall
  • Metal waste from the fabrication process recycled through Pacific Metal Recycling International
  • Screen Printing waste ink, disposed of in environmentally safe manner by Tri-Arrow Industrial Recovery Inc.
  • Reclaiming screens used in the screen printing process are cleaned using a water safe cleaner
  • Soiled rags from the screen printing process cleaned offsite by Canadian Linen Supply
  • Employees car pool, telecommute or ride transit whenever possible to reduce their individual carbon footprint
  • Our signature product line is reusable, which significantly reduces both the environmental impact and the lifetime cost of each badge
  • Our Panorama® badge along with its insert and lenscover, are reusable and more significantly 100% recyclable

If you’d like additional information or have suggestions about the environmental initiatives at Imprint Plus™, please contact President Kristin MacMillan at kmacmillan@imprintplus.com.




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