Where is my activation code?

Where is my activation code?

Are you being prompted to enter an activation code? First you need to verify if online activation works.

When NamePrint Graphics asks you for an activation code, it can mean a few things: (1) ‘Activate by phone’ was clicked; (2) the serial number was mistyped; or (3) that the program was unable to reach our activation server.

First, restart the program, and “Activate” (in the newer software) or “Activate Online” (in the older software). Then, enter your serial number in the box[es] provided. If the program proceeds to ask you for an activation code, go to the next step.

Newer Activation Screen (NamePrint Graphics v2.061 and higher)

Older Activation Screen (NamePrint Graphics v2.05 and earlier)


















If online activation fails, you can activate by phone by calling 1-866-540-5417. We will need your serial number AND the PIN code displayed on your screen to provide you with an activation code.

Phone Activation Screen