The Mighty Badge & Sign Lenscover

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About The Mighty Badge & Sign Lenscover


Imprint Plus is the proud inventor and only manufacturer of The Mighty Badge Lenscover! The Mighty Badge Lenscover, not only holds your badge together, its crystal clear design allows your brand unique design/messaging to shine through! Each cover is meticulously manufactured to SNAP seamlessly onto an Imprint Plus badge plate with ease, and guaranteed to stay put until you remove it for badge reuse.

The Lenscover can also be used with your Reusable Standing Signs, designed to be reused multiple times depending on your needs. They are a great way to highlight upcoming promotions, offers, sales, and events. It’s easy to swap out the insert sheet for a different design, snap on the lenscover and within an instant, you can get a brand new standing sign that is ready to be placed and displayed. You can dynamically create new standing signs without having to re-purchase a single product. It’s a cost-effective, eco-friendly, and efficient signage system that will redefine the way you conduct your day-to-day business.

Designed with thousands of user insights, and quality tested to meet the most stringent standards we guarantee our product outperforms all others.



Quality Comparison To Other Lenscovers In The Market:


Clarity: The Mighty Badge Lenscover does not fade or yellow when tested for UV lightfastness within 1 year. Imitation products are more susceptible to light damage and turn completely yellow within the same time.

Durability: The Mighty Badge Lenscover is designed to stay in place and 100% guaranteed not to fall off when paired with The Mighty Badge plate. Our product outperforms all imitation products.


Resistance: The Mighty Badge Lenscover is 5X less likely to scratch under normal badge use when compared to others on the market.*


Quality: Imprint Plus only manufactures with high-quality shatter-resistant polycarbonate.



*To learn more about Imprint Plus’ product comparative report findings, contact us here.

The Mighty Badge & Sign Lenscover refill packages are available in packages of 20 and sold to promote The Mighty Badge reuse.




Imprint Plus guarantees that all the components in The Mighty Badge system work seamlessly together to give you the best outcome. Our Lenscover is designed and tested to fit with an Imprint Plus name badge plate. They should not be used with similar-looking metal plates or name badges, as we do not guarantee the fit associated with any other name badge system. Always choose the 100% original Imprint Plus name badge system for better, longer-lasting results.