Volunteer Name Badges - 100 pcs

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About Volunteer Name Badge


The reusable, dry-erase badge is a great tool for easing social distancing. With volunteers working tirelessly to provide their communities with vital goods and services, keeping them identified is essential to ensuring community safety.

Equipping volunteers with clear identification will not only simplify communication as they approach the homes and personal spaces of those receiving services, it will strengthen community connection and allow them to provide more customized support. By helping volunteers help others, we can ensure that vulnerable populations have all the resources they need to stay home and stay safe.

Key Benefits


  • Streamline onboarding of new volunteers. Simply write each worker’s name with a whiteboard marker to create a new name badge instantly.


  • Reuse badges without re-purchasing materials. Just wipe, re-write, and identify a new volunteer in seconds.


  • Easily disassemble your badge to clean each and every surface before re-use.