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  • Free Shipping On all Orders* Promo code: OCFREESHIP. Ends October 25th, 2020. PPE Excluded

March 5, 2020

Employee Appreciation - How do we do it?

On the first Friday in March, companies both big and small unite in an annual celebration of their staff - employee appreciation day. This day provides business owners in every industry with a chance to proudly honor their valued team members. But, there isn’t just one right way to do it. With a long list of unique strategies to recognize staff contributions, each company can express their appreciation in a way that reflects their corporate culture. Imprint Plus is no stranger to employee appreciation - since our inception we’ve held a strong commitment to ensuring that staff feel valued and respected.

How do we do it?


Events & Activities

One of our favourite excursions was a trip to an Escape Room. Instead of finishing the work day as usual, we rewarded our entire staff with an afternoon at EXIT Richmond. Giving our employees an opportunity to relax and have fun enabled them to connect more with one another and feel valued as contributing team members.


Games & Contests

Last St. Patrick’s day we held a company wide contest to see who could solve the most Imprint Plus-themed riddles. This was an easy way to insert a little excitement into the workday, leaving each lucky winner with a gift card!


Surprise Perks

Nothing says thank you like a delicious meal. We like to show our appreciation by treating our employees to special lunches throughout the year. Not only do we host regular company barbeques, we have gone on numerous food outings to venues throughout the lower mainland. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of ways to express gratitude, and we’re always brainstorming creative approaches to recognize our staff.

How do you like to celebrate your employees?