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  • Free Shipping On all Orders* Promo code: OCFREESHIP. Ends October 25th, 2020. PPE Excluded

March 23, 2020

How Important Is Customer Service To Our Business Success?

When customer service gets done right, it can strongly boost a company’s bottom line. Focusing on understanding the customer’s problem and creating a positive interaction should be a priority. In this era of hyper-connected consumers, delivering a personalized experience is key.

At imprint Plus, we believe that delivering sincere value to our customers can transform the good to the great. Knowing that customer expectations are higher than ever, our customer service is monitored across numerous channels: email, mobile, social media, live chat, as well as traditional face-to-face, telephone, and old-fashioned letters.  Clients expect rapid response or resolution, no matter the time of day or device. According to Forbes: "Companies with a customer experience mindset drive revenue 4% higher than the rest of their industries".


Live chat, live connections

Most users interact with brands through the website. Live chat offers a great opportunity to engage website visitors and increase conversions. When customers get questions answered quickly and easily, they leave the interaction with a positive view of the company. We provide a live chat option on our website and make it easily accessible. Our customers can ask questions, request help, and even order products. Our customer representatives are trained to assist users in a professional and user-friendly manner.


Easy ways to leave feedback

Customer reviews are very influential and can impact any business. There’s nothing shoppers consider buying without searching, asking a friend, or reading a review. Most customers dislike long surveys. Users are looking for a quick way to review products and services.

One way to get our customer feedback is by sending them an invitation to our Trustpilot page where they can easily review our services and products. Another way is by sending short surveys that take less than five minutes for our customers to complete. Customers can also send their feedback through our social media platforms.


Happy customers will refer to others

More businesses are shifting to a customer-led growth mindset. By placing customers at the core of their marketing and sales strategies, brands can transform them into ambassadors who trust and recommend their business to others. When customers are happy, they're more likely to spread their excitement to friends, family, and coworkers. At Imprint Plus, we are proud to report we had 870 customer referrals in 2019 through our referral program


It’s all about how we say things

The digital world has created a short-attention-span consumer that brands have increasing difficulty satisfying. It is no secret that customer service can have a lasting effect on the customer’s experience of a company. More than ever, a support team should remain positive while dealing with customers. At Imprint Plus, we cultivate a positive attitude during interactions with our customers. We make every effort to build trust and valuable relationships with customers through staff coaching and training. 


Customer Service = important insights 

The customer success strategy comes from cross-departmental collaboration and integration. It's important to get all teams to work together, and create a seamless experience. Our customer service and sales teams are constantly communicating with clients and prospects, and learning about their problems, interests, and needs. They are a goldmine of viable content ideas and marketing initiatives.


The culture of serving 

Improving the customer experience starts with corporate culture. A customer-first mentality should be top of mind for everyone.  At Imprint Plus, customer service is a key component in every department, and it is a part of our company’s DNA. 

We all agree that gaining alignment and achieving great success is possible through a customer experience transformation. While answering questions and creating results is integral to customer service, so is innovation and creativity. By providing cutting edge products and services that solve our customers’ pain points, we deliver a new level of customer satisfaction.