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  • Free Shipping On all Orders* Promo code: OCFREESHIP. Ends October 31st, 2020. PPE Excluded

June 23, 2020

How Imprint Plus repurposed the business during the pandemic.

During these unprecedented times, it's critical for us to stay up-to-date and make decisions about how to move our business forward. The social distancing helps limit the spread of COVID-19 and has forced us to try and reinvent the business. We started to find ways to use our inventory and capabilities to serve our clients.

At imprint Plus, we are committed to doing our part and keeping our workers and customers safe and healthy. We expanded our product lines to also feature safety products such as sneeze guards, masks, and social distance badges.

"Within the last month, we were able to create a whole new safety product line," explained Joanne, our General Manager. "I'm very excited that we were able to develop these items in just four weeks. Now we know, in the future, we have the capability to turn around things quickly."



Protecting our customers and their users.

We developed in-demand products that promote safety and ensure the protection of our clients and their customers.

Sneeze Guards:

Many retailers and businesses began installing the barriers to keep their employees and customers safe. It became a must-have for us to sell sneeze guards, and bring peace of mind that we are doing everything we can to help our clients and community.

Clothing Masks and Face shields:

As we started receiving many requests from clients and users about safety products, we extended our solutions to masks and face shields. While masks are intended to protect others, face shields protect the wearer. The interest in face shields is heating up, especially when it's hot outside. Wearing a face shield is a great way for people to socialize and stay safe.

Physical distancing

How do we keep our business running? How do we save the team's jobs? Knowing our mission is to offer the perfect balance between quality, cost, and sustainability, we had to retool our operations and repurpose our products.

"We've really tried to think of products that will help serve others during this time," Joanne said, noting that name badges can also be used for specific messaging, such as social distancing or displaying a safety certification. "Our products are unique and created with the customer in mind."

From social distance badges, decals to safety signs or badges with photos, our staff has been scrambling to come up with new ideas and solutions.

One of the latest products we launched at Imprint Plus is the touchless door tool. It's the perfect product to market to clients who want to customize their safety devices by adding their logo and hand out to customers who are worried about germy surfaces.

Our team

Our top priority was to keep our people safe. We've taken several measures to protect our staff and support them during this challenging time. Some of Imprint Plus initiatives:

  • Allowing working from home.
  • Reinforcing safety protocols, disinfection procedures and social distance practices.
  • Providing information and resources on keeping workers safe.
  • Eliminating non-essential business travels and -person events.

"We all are working together to ensure the safety of our customers." said Joanne, applauding the 63 employees who have worked tirelessly to supply products for such a grand demand.

To view our safety products and name badges, check out our page here: https://www.imprintplus.com/ca/social-distancing