Two women in staff uniforms standing outside a restaurant.

Workplace uniforms have been a key ingredient in various businesses for hundreds of years. Uniforms used specifically during work were first implemented in the 17th century by servants of European courts. They all matched in color and overall design while also showcasing their master’s initials or coat of arms.

Since then, uniforms have been utilized by countless businesses in a wide range of industries. Some of these include food service, schools, clubs, hospitality, government, military, and healthcare, among many others.

If you are in a business that you believe requires uniforms, you may need some help deciding on what components to include. That is why we have compiled this list of seven staff uniform tips to boost your business’s success!

1. Choose Only Comfortable and Fitting Clothing Options

One of the most important aspects of any uniform is its comfort level. You certainly do not want to give your staff members uniforms that are itchy, too tight, too loose, made of ill-fitting material, or any other undesirable trait!

This is because when staff members are comfortable, they are happier. By providing them with uniforms that they might even enjoy putting on, their morale and overall joy at work will increase.

On top of that, the trust your clients have in your business will soar if your employees are happier, more pleasant, and even wearing properly fitted clothes.

When your staff members wear ill-fitting clothes, this exudes indifference and unprofessionalism. These are two traits you definitely do not want your company to have!

Simply put: uniforms need to be comfortable and fit everyone well!

2. Add Personalized Name Tags or Badges that Are Durable

When customers see your employees’ names effectively displayed on their person, there is a unique connection immediately established between the two individuals but also the client and brand.

By adding personalized name tags or badges to each employee’s uniform, you are highlighting each member’s specific and unique presence, role, and contribution. These personalized name tags can include their name, their job title, the business name, and other key information.

This addition will achieve numerous tasks: humanize your employees, increase employee camaraderie, break the ice, build business relationships, establish professionalism, and much more.

However, choosing flimsy and “low quality" name tags will reflect poorly on your brand as a whole (and could even cause damage to your uniforms!). Be sure to choose only high-quality personalized name tags to present your business in the best way possible.

3. Opt for Modern Styles

When it comes to your employees' uniforms, you certainly don’t want them to be dressed in outdated styles! Regardless of your industry, you should take into account what is considered in style as recently as possible. That way, your employees appear contemporary, professional and on-trend.

After all, what is reflected by your employees is also what is reflected by your business. If they appear outdated, it can symbolize that your business is outdated, too.

4. Make Sure All Uniforms Will Last

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when purchasing uniforms for your team is choosing options that are not built to last. After all, “you get what you pay for.” You buy cheap, you get cheap.

If you have to pay a bit more for uniforms for higher-quality options, then we recommend you do it. This little extra expenditure now may save you more money down the road in tailor fees and replacing torn/ruined uniforms!

5. Stay “Uniform” in Your Branding

Consistency is key, especially when it comes to your brand. Ensure that the uniforms align with your brand’s colors schemes and other key attributes. If consistency is lacking, you can easily confuse potential customers and appear disheveled, unprofessional, and, ultimately, untrustworthy.

Therefore, keep everything consistent and “uniform.” Choose one logo and one color scheme– then stick to it. This certainly applies to your employee’s attire. By having all employees wear the same uniforms that match your branding, ideal consistency is achieved for your brand, which will then look very well operated.

6. Consider Adding Accessories

As they say, “It’s the little things in life that matter.” This age-old expression can also be applied to the “little things” you add to your uniforms. Just because you have ordered a specific uniform doesn’t mean you can’t include some self-chosen fun accessories with it!

Some examples of such accessories could be on-brand neckties, headbands, head wraps, belts, and even socks! These additions can further enhance your brand’s image, making it even more memorable for onlookers and, essentially, potential clients.

7. Ensure the Uniforms Have Your Business Logo and/or Name

It’s important to remember that these uniforms are a part of your business. Therefore, they can be used as a simple form of advertising! Don’t forget to add your business name and/or logo in plain view (but make sure it’s subtle and not ostentatious!).

When it comes to your business, every component needs to help you achieve your goals– and that includes your staff’s uniforms. Take these seriously, from personalized name tags to garments, and your business will undoubtedly bloom. You and your business won’t be sorry that you did!