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Six name badge trends in events and conferences.

June 27, 2019


“A person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” – Dale Carnegie*.

From virtual reality to tailored apps, current event and conference trends are defining the modern gathering. Nearly every industry knows the importance of a successful event, with galas, receptions, summits, trade shows and conferences popping up daily in cities all over the world. With such an immense range of event experiences, don’t you want YOURS to be the one that stands out? Don’t you want it to be YOUR brand that’s associated with a seamless and immersive experience?

Take it from Dale Carnegie, a corporate training, sales and self-improvement expert. Names are an underused yet extremely valuable tool when it comes to creating positive human interaction. And after all, that’s the goal for each event, isn’t it?


With each name comes a name badge.You might think name badges serve only one purpose: showcasing your name. But recent trends in events and conferences are expanding that definition, utilizing name badges for a variety of truly innovative purposes. Here are six major name badge trends in event and conference planning that will get your attendees raving about you for weeks.


1. A little something extra.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could advertise your Twitter or Linkedin handle as you make your way through a networking event? Or add a fun personal fact to facilitate communication and start conversation? Name badge accessories have evolved to accommodate these added features, utilizing badge space to ease connection or aid with personal branding. Be it a corporate event or a large-scale conference, this added information can create real networking opportunities for attendees. 


2. Colour coding.

Color coding- it’s the new frontier of event identification. You arrive at the conference and enter a large room full of people you’ve never met. Overwhelmed and slightly lost, you try desperately to discern who’s who, and why they’re there. Which industry are they from? How many departments are here?

When you use color coded name badge decals to differentiate guests, attendees can visually scan the room and immediately know who’s who. In an instant, guests have an understanding of who they’re surrounded by, enabling them to better navigate the event. Plus, before they even start the conversation, they already possess a bit of background information to ensure more seamless interactions.



3. Security is paramount.

The guest list is important. Aside from ensuring that you’re adequately prepared for the number of people showing up at your event, the guest list offers you added security. With security becoming ever more important, why not do everything you can to keep your guests safe?

By ensuring that everyone is easily identified, you reduce doubt and uncertainty around who’s at your event, and facilitate easy identification in the case of an emergency.


Some name badge companies allow you to create your products on-site, meaning you have complete control over your attendees’ data. It never leaves your possession, and thus can’t get leaked by a third party. Your guests will be safe, their information will be safe, and everyone can freely enjoy your event. 



4. Let’s get sustainable.

That’s why identification is critical. In order to keep your guests comfortable as they navigate your space, you must ensure that the area is clearly marked. Try name badges for your employees and signage for your stations - not only will it put your customers’ minds at ease, it will unite your buffet space and give it a polished feel. 

Whether they’re looking for a staff member to refill their coffee, or require a few extra napkins, your guests will have no trouble finding everything they need.


Reusable name badge options offer you the flexibility to invest in professional, sleek looking name badges without having to re-purchase them over and over again. All you need to do is swap the insert sheet inside, and your name badge is good as new. By reusing badge components, you have a perfectly tailored look for each event, and you considerably reduce your waste output.  


5. Create Immersive Experiences.

Events are becoming ever more design oriented, with cohesive themes and consistent branding taking over. As the millennial population grows, their drive towards engaging, captivating experiences is shifting trends in event planning. One easy thing you can do to make your event THAT much more immersive, is to incorporate name badges into the design. By styling your badges to match the theme of your event, you allow attendees to be intimately connected to the event’s design, linking them to each other and to the spirit of your event. 


6. No one gets left behind.

There will always be those guests who miss the formal registration but show up anyway. Do you really want them to have to walk around the room, identified not by their name badge but by their lack of one? With on-site creation capabilities, you can create name badges on the spot. It’s a super easy solution that ensures not a single one of your guests will go without proper identification.

At a basic level, the name badge prevents you from having to revisit the discomfort of having forgotten someone’s name, or the ensuing embarrassment of having to ask for it again.

But badges offer so much more by way of enriching event experiences and connecting guests to one another. At your next event, try some of these strategies out. I have a feeling your attendees will be impressed.