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About Plastic  Name Badges


No one knows what you need better than you do. That’s why we’re working with state-of-the-art design equipment to deliver perfectly customized plastic name badges. With digital UV printing, laser engraving, and a wide range of quality materials, there are no limits to what we can create. Whether you’re looking for a traditional design, a modern aesthetic, or anything in between, we’ll make it happen.


Product Features:

  • Quality materials – Showcase the distinct personality of your brand.
  • Intricate designs and shapes – A unique name badge is a conversation starter.
  • Superior ink adhesion – Buy it once and it will last forever.
  • Unlimited text – No hidden fees for titles.
  • Deluxe pin or magnet fasteners – Guaranteed to remain secure.

Already have a name badge?  Consider non-personalized badges for visitors, promotional giveaways, or even an employee recognition lapel pin!  They’re a great way to increase engagement and develop your corporate identity.

A custom ID badge provides a lot of unique benefits, among them being the abilities to create a more sophisticated, professional brand image, to boost employee confidence and improve the customer experience.

Of course, in addition to these benefits, a custom badge will also enhance communication, increase security and improve customer service and satisfaction, just like any name badge would. You can create full color custom ID cards, including employee ID cards, using our card designer tools right here on our website, although you can also call us for help at 800-563-2464!



Key Benefits


Boost engagement: A unique name badge is a conversation starter. By encouraging connection with a distinctive design, you’ll enhance your customer interactions and secure brand loyalty.


Reliable & Adaptable: Choose from a deluxe pin or a magnet fastener to keep your badge secured throughout the entire day. Guaranteed to accommodate any workplace attire, these adaptable and durable fasteners will ensure that each employee looks both sharp and approachable.


Elevate your look: With high quality materials, trendy finishes, brilliant colors, and superior ink adhesion, we possess all the necessary tools to innovate your corporate style. Choose from mirrored, frosted, radiant, and brushed metal, as well as matte and gloss colors to build the perfect  name badge.


Seamless process: Every permanent badge is designed and created to serve as a reflection of your individuality and distinct corporate identity.


Unlimited text: Instead of charging you hidden fees for added titles or extra characters, we offer unlimited text for a single price. Not only does this single price point simplify the ordering process, it affords you more freedom in your badge design.

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Each name badge tells a story. At Imprint Plus, we want to make sure you have all the tools you need to tell yours. With full customization and a wide range of colors, shapes, sizes and materials, we offer everything you need to craft a flawless badge. Read More