Imprint Plus’™ Name Badge & Signage Catalog

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Imprint Plus offers a wide selection of name badge and signage products, including reusable and engraved designs. Find the right product for your business in our catalogs below or call our name badge experts on 1-855-286-2158.

The 2018 Name Badge & Signage Product Sampler features our:

  • new product ranges;
  • reusable name badge system;
  • badge accessories and corporate employee recognition programmes;
  • re-printable signage system; and
  • the wide range of designs, sizes, shapes, and colors available.

Click on one of the reusable name tag and signage catalogs below to download a PDF copy.

Imprint Plus 2019 Name Badge & Signage Systems Catalogue

Imprint Plus 2018 Re-Printable Badge and Signage Catalogue

Imprint Plus 2017 Name Badge and Signage Catalogue

Imprint Plus 2016 Badge Catalogue

Imprint Plus 2016 Signage Product Catalogue

Imprint Plus 2015 Signage Product Sampler