Social Distancing Floor Decal - 6 PK

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About Safety Floor Decals


Businesses can create a culture of good hygiene by installing social distancing floor decals at aisle entrances. This ensures everyone understands how they can do their part to slow the spread.

These indoor safety floor decals help customers and employees maintain safe distances. They can be placed in any workplace environment to communicate important safety information.

Set the decals six feet apart to create personal space and crowd-controlled surroundings. Choose pre-made decals or design your own using our free and user-friendly design tool.

* They are sold as 6 Pack of the same design.

**Indoor Floor Graphics Only: Most indoor floors including, tile, sealed concrete, terrazzo, ceramic and finished wood; Low pile, secured floor carpet.






Key Benefits


Improved communication: Floor decals can clearly convey information about safety and organization.


Easy installation: These decals ensure quick installation with no drying time or paint fumes.


Increased safety: Floor decals offer guidance for staying safe.

With the impact that Covid-19 has had across the globe, many businesses are taking proper precautionary measures to assure the safety of their customers and employees. Social distancing floor decals are essential to lowering the spread of coronavirus, especially for forward-facing businesses that may expect store traffic or long lines. There are appropriately labeled “6-feet apart” signs available to remind customers to respect others’ personal space. For convenience’s sake, you can get these signs in a pack of 6. The health of your staff and customers should always take first priority.