Safety Signs

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About Safety Signs


Awareness and social distancing signs provide essential information and recommended actions.

With constant visual reminders, not only will you elevate safety consciousness, but you also keep your employees and guests safe.

  • 1/32" White Acrylic
  • UV Digital Print
  • 2 sizes 6”x9”, 8”x8”
  • Designed for indoor use
  • Mount to a flat surface with permanent or temporary adhesive

Choose from the stock selection or design your own online. Available in our two most popular sizes.




Key Benefits


Safety Reminder: These signs remind customers and staff to be mindful of social distancing and sanitation practices.


Easy installation: These signs are easy to install and remove.


Sanitation: They are easy to clean and sanitize.




The number one priority of any business should be providing a safe and pleasant environment for their employees and customers. After the effects of covid-19, hand washing signs, social distancing signs, and mask signs for businesses have become a crucial need for any brick- and-mortar store.

If you need safety signs to let your customers know to stay 6-feet apart or wear a mask when entering the store you can find them here. Now more than ever, safety signs are important to keep those coming in and out of your place of business protected.