Touchless Door&Button Tool

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About Touchless Door/Button Tool.


Every day we come in contact with door handles, elevator buttons, ATMs, gas pumps and countless other items that are used by other people.

The Touchless Door/Button Tool is a multi-use push and pull device that will keep you germ-free!

This easy tool allows you to touch any surface without transmitting microbes to your hands.

This device is not designed to activate iPhones, iPads, or any other capacitive touch screens.

Choose clear acrylic or have us customize it with your logo!

* If you would like to order customized touchless tools with your logo, please call one of our specialists at 1-855-286-2158.





Key Benefits


Contact-Free: This tool is designed to allow you to use surfaces without risk of contamination.


Multi-use: It can be used to open doors, press elevator or ATM buttons, and many other surfaces with which you likely have to come into regular contact.


Protective: It helps avoid contact with surfaces and slow the spread of the coronavirus.