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As offices strategically re-open, PPE is a must to keep employees healthy, safe and instill confidence. Clear, plexiglass cubicle dividers, desktop sneeze guards and workstation dividers are in demand and are one of the many ways to prevent the spread of viruses and germs from person to person. Don’t forget! We also design and manufacture customized cubicles, desks, barrier walls, partition walls and more! All are proudly made in the USA, are easy to assemble and ship quickly!


Cubicle Dividers


  • Clear, 6mm thick plexiglass dividers held in place by 3mm PVC clamps that attach to cubicle
  • Plexiglass dividers offered off-the-shelf in 3 sizes: 23,5”w x 23.5”h | 47,5”w x 23.5”h | 35,5”w x 23.5”h
  • Custom plexiglass sizes also available maximum 95.5"w x 35.5"h
  • Kits include clear plexiglass divider & PVC clamps to hold plexiglass in place
  • Plexiglass features rounded radius on corners
  • Clamps are adjustable and span widths from 1" - 2.5"
cubicle sneeze guardcubicle sneeze guard
cubicle dividercubicle divider

Workstation Dividers


  • 47"w x 48"h x 15.75"d workstation dividers, perfect for offices, computer labs, libraries
  • Frame is 2" wide; foot is 15.75"
  • Adjustable knob ensures the hitch wall reaches the desktop suffciently
  • Dividers include 1/8" clear plexiglass panels
  • Frame is lightweight aluminum extrusion

Kiosk Dividers


  • 38.15"w x 71.5"h x 11.81"d kiosk dividers, perfect to place in between check in stations in air terminals, ATM machines, gaming machines, restroom sinks, schools and more
  • Dividers include 6mm clear plexiglass panels
  • Frame is lightweight aluminum extrusion • Heavy-duty steel base ensures stability
bathroom kiosk dividerbathroom kiosk divider
kiosk dividerkiosk divider

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