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About Face Masks


Face masks are set to become an increasingly frequent sight, more and more people use them in an effort to protect themselves and others from the spread of the pandemic. It’s getting to the point where we all should have at least one face mask on hand.

Who says you can't look great while protecting yourself and others? :) Choose your favorite design and customize it to your preferred taste.

These face masks are meant to protect others and are not a substitute for social distancing.

  • Non-medical grade
  • 100% full-colour sublimation print
  • Twill fabric that is durable
  • Made in Canada
  • Machine washable

**This mask does not replace hand washing and social distancing. It is not anti-bacterial or anti-virus.


Key Benefits


Precaution: The face mask reinforces the importance of social distancing measures.


Reusable and Washable: This face mask can be washed and used repeatedly.


Comfortable: It fits snugly, but comfortably against the sides of your face and should not interfere with breathing.



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