Silver 2x10 Desk/Counter Stand

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About Silver Desk/Counter Stand (2 x 10)


The 2 x 10 silver desk and counter stand is truly an office classic. Featuring sleek and durable silver metal and a robust 2 x 10 inch frame, it will complement any work space. The intuitive design makes it easy to swap out your insert and create a new sign in seconds.


No need to repurchase new stand materials after each office change, thanks to our insert sheet system. Instead, reuse stand components to save on pay per use costs and limit your waste output. 



Key Benefits


Convenient: Design and print your sign on your own schedule. Avoid shipping fees and wait times, while enjoying full control over the look of your sign.


Professional: The silver desk and counter stand is a sleek addition to any office space. 


Reusable: Cut down on costs and reduce your waste output by reusing stand components after each use.