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About Silver Desk/Counter Stand (2 x 8)


The 2 x 8 inch silver desk and counter stand offers a classic look, with sleek silver metal. Our most compact stand option, the 2 x 8 inch size allows you to preserve a little extra desk space while displaying your name with confidence.


With our insert sheet system, a single desk and counter stand can be reused to create an unlimited number of signs. Instead of repurchasing signage materials after each office change,  you can simply swap your old insert for a new one, reducing your waste output and minimizing costs.


Key Benefits


Convenient: Design, print, and assemble your signs from the comfort of your office. Not only will you cut back on pay per use costs, you’ll eliminate shipping fees and wait times.


Professional: The silver desk and counter sign creates a crisp office look for the modern professional.


Reusable: Reuse sign components indefinitely to limit your waste output and save on costs. It’s a win-win!