Imprint Plus Introduces The DIY Contemporary Signage System For Attractive, Affordable Customized Name Plates

Imprint Plus Introduces The DIY Contemporary Signage System For Attractive, Affordable Customized Name Plates

NEW YORK, March 24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — For years, personalized office name plates have had the same traditional look, resulting in a missed opportunity to display a company’s branding and image.  The Contemporary Signage System from Imprint Plus brings desk and door signage into the next generation, by letting businesses and employees express their individual style with sleek, modern signage that meets today’s office needs and reinforces brand awareness and consistency.

“Our new design changes the look and feel of signage and makes it easier than ever before to promote a company’s branding, which is integral to both its external and internal marketing,” says Marla Kott, CEO of Imprint Plus.  “Great-looking name plates and door signage can help identify and connect employees to each other and to visitors, give a new staff member a warm welcome, or mark a promotion and new title.”

contemporary signcontemporary sign

The Contemporary Signage is a do-it-yourself system that provides a more professional, sophisticated look in a slim body with curved design and frosted finish on the back plates. The new signage has a polished clear lens that makes logos and colors stand out and protects them from wear and tear, while shatterproof polycarbonate components deliver long-lasting use. In addition to the office environment, they are also molded of Food Safe materials that can be wiped clean easily for display in the food and hospitality industries.

The Contemporary Signage System not only makes customized signage more stylish, the reusable components make it affordable and eco-friendly. With the Imprint Plus patented design software, quality signage is created by simply typing in a name, adding a logo, color or image, and printing the patented inserts with a standard laser or inkjet printer. The inserts easily slide into the name plate, which is available in three sizes of 2″ x 8″ or 2″ x 10″ or 3″ x 5.25.”  The signs can stand alone on a desk or partition or they can be attached to a wall or door with Velcro or double-sided adhesive.  All of the parts snap together in seconds, with no tools required.  When there is a change in staff, the name plates can be re-used by quickly replacing the insert sheet.  The signs are made on-site in minutes, so they are ready when needed. Having the system on hand also saves on time and shipping costs.

“The new Contemporary Signage System is designed to reduce time and expense for businesses, while giving the signage a restructured and updated look for brand awareness and consistency,” adds Ms. Kott.

Retail prices start at $160.20 for a kit of ten signs. For more information about the signage system visit http://www.shopnamebadges.com/collections/signs/products/10-unit-2-x-8-contemporary-wall-signage-system.


SOURCE Imprint Plus