Getting Fired: An Opportunity for Change & Growth

Getting Fired: An Opportunity for Change & Growth

getting fired“Sometimes good things fall apart, so better things can fall together.”
– Marilyn Monroe

It’s hard to leave your first job and embark on a career path; sometimes the only way to get moving in the right direction is getting yourself fired.

Getting fired sucks. This is undisputed. While I can’t remember a time when I was gently dismissed (where I can truly say that IN the moment I felt ‘MARVELOUS’), I can say that getting fired was a real opportunity for change and growth…something bigger and better!

Humble Beginnings

I started out working as an apprentice accountant; I know what you’re saying right now, “what an exciting and fascinating profession”. How did I decide on that particular career? I was good at math.

My very first job was with a small accounting firm, two partners, and a smattering of staff.  The term “career path” never entered my head; I needed a job. The minimum wage the year I was hired was $2.87 per hour or, for a 40-hour week, $114.80. I made $6,500.00 that first year.

This first job turned into a 9-year relationship, which ended just after I had given birth to my second child. The elder partner met with me and let me know the jig was up. I never really explored the “WHY”, but the “WHAT” was that I had to pick myself up and find a new “opportunity” quickly.

In those days it wasn’t unusual to stay at one job for your whole life, never really considering whether the “fit” was right. Forced to move, I took a really hard look at the position I was leaving. Being honest with myself, I realized I hadn’t really been aligned to the vision of the other two partners.

The firm I wanted to approach next would have a business model that incorporated a structured training program with a vision for growth.

Changing Careers – from Employee to Entrepreneur

I continued on my career journey, joined two alternate accounting firms, and finally left the field of accounting altogether to find a much better fit as an entrepreneur with Imprint Plus, a wholesale supplier of reusable name badges.

Imprint Plus was an angel investment that turned golden. In fact, in September of 2015 my partners and I were honoured as one of Canada’s Top Ranked Female Entrepreneurs.

This might never have happened had the senior partner of my first accounting job not recognized that it was time for me to begin my own personal journey.

Certainly, life can get better after the pink slip – Now that I think about it, a thank you note might be in order, even though the benefit of that day is just coming to light as I write this blog!