Plan for the Holiday Rush With Reusable Name Badges

Plan for the Holiday Rush With Reusable Name Badges

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With all economic indicators pointing towards a record fall and holiday season, and renewed consumer confidence, it’s a great time to connect with customers.

Strong holiday hiring for seasonal workers can be seen across all sectors, but is particularly hot in retail. With increased consumer spending and job growth, as many as 800,000 workers were hired in 2014.

Part-time, seasonal staff is a significant part of the extended hours most retail locations adopt for the holidays. It’s certainly important to store owners, as holiday purchases account for 20% of annual sales. With stakes that high, businesses will do whatever it takes to attract as many customers as possible.

The Back-To-School season, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas encourages retail stores to be innovative to find creative solutions to win over the legions of seasonal shoppers. Companies like Google, Amazon and eBay, are looking to expand their services such as same-day delivery and are doing everything they can to gain a competitive edge. The convenience of shopping at home can’t compare to exemplary in-store customer service that elevates the whole experience. Popular brands are important to driving sales, but the key to return shoppers is great customer service and loyalty programs that actually encourage loyalty.

The holidays are a whirlwind for shoppers. Ensure your staff is equipped to serve customers as they enter the door. Shoppers have shown how easy it is to take their business elsewhere, it doesn’t take much. Hiring great people, even if they’re seasonal, makes a huge difference.

Convenient store locations and neat displays with contemporary signage attract shoppers, but without dedicated associates offering remarkable and personalized service, your competitors gain an opportunity to win away your dissatisfied customers.

During the frantic holidays, train your staff to “make a friend in thirty seconds” and make the sales process personable and comfortable – such a simple tip, but it’s so easy to lose touch with your customers amidst the hot sales, discounts, and increased traffic. Instead, train your seasonal staff well.

You definitely don’t want to hear the phrase “Doesn’t anyone work here?” Check out the Imprint Plus reusable name badge system to clearly identify your seasonal staff and help customers relate to your team.


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