How to install the NPG Software

How to install the NPG Software

  1. Insert the CD and start the installation

    When you first insert the CD into your CD/DVD drive, Windows will pop up with a message asking whether you would like to run the software. If this option does not come up, go into “My Computer”, right click your CD/DVD drive that contains the CD and choose “Install” or “Run”.

    Run the installation CD on your computer

    Auto play

    Choose run and follow instructions

  2. Choose your language

    If you have version 3.0 or up, choose your preferred language

    Language selection in NPG 3.0

    Language selection screen in NamePrint Graphics 3.0

  3. Install

    1. Click “Next” to continue with the installation
    2. Read and accept the license agreement
    3. Choose where to put the program in you start menu list (“All Programs”)
    4. Wait for the installation to finish
    5. Launch the application to test if the installation was successful
    start installation

    start npg installation

    agree to the terms of the license

    You must agree to the license terms

    NPG start menu

    The NPG Start Menu

    installation status


    finish installation

    Click finish to complete installation

  4. Activate or Run Trial

    1. If you received a serial number with your package, choose “Activate” or “Activate Online” to register your software
    2. If you did not receive a serial number with your package, click on “Run trial” to test out all the features for 7 days.
    Activate or choose trial

    Activate if you have serial number or use the trial version

  5. Installation Complete

    The Splash screen will appear when the installation has been completed successfully. It will also display whether you are using the trial or not.

    NPG splash screen

    The NPG splash screen

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