Daily Huddles Help Improve Imprint Plus Name Badges

Daily Huddles Help Improve Imprint Plus Name Badges

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At Imprint Plus we have a diverse set of name badge teams – both geographically and functionally.  One thing we all have in common is we participate in the DAILY HUDDLE!  Each name badge team meets for about five minutes at the same time every day. No exceptions. The daily huddle agenda is the same:

  • Announcements – personal or business
  • Key issues
  • Lessons learned from yesterday
  • Priorities for the day

Here are some of our team’s comments on daily huddles:

“Huddles help me focus on top priorities and to have a specific goal.”

-Brian Penner, IT Analyst

“Huddles allow me to find out priorities fast.  They build cohesion in our team because we know what everyone is working on and what their challenges are.”

-Steven Penner, Accounting Supervisor

“In huddles, I find out what everyone else is doing and if anyone is behind or ahead.  This allows me to schedule my time more effectively.”

-Jason McEvoy, Packing and Warehouse Associate

“Huddles are the start to our day.  They provide an opportunity to share personal news, connect with colleagues and proactive identification of issues that need attention.”

-Alissa Polansky, Digital Project Manager

“We all benefit from sharing experiences and seeing how other team members approach and resolve road blocks.”

-Maria Kromidas, Account Manager

“Huddles let me know what our team is doing, what their priorities are and what problems are coming up.”

-Christina Metza, Marketing Supervisor

“We review our production numbers every day to make sure we are on target.”

-Vicky Morrison, Screen Printing Technician

Daily huddles are an efficient way to communicate priorities, issues and to share the wisdom we all pick up every day. Daily huddles foster teamwork and help ensure that the activities and priorities of individuals are aligned with the priorities of the whole name badge team. They are also very helpful for new employees.

The key to success with and sustaining daily huddles is very simple:

  • Keep daily huddles short (5-10 minutes is best)
  • Have your daily huddles in the same location at the same time everyday
  • Follow a consistent huddle agenda