How to import data into your name badges with NPG Software

How to import data into your name badges with NPG Software

How-to Video:

How to make a name badge with NPG – Video

    1. Create your “Comma-separated values” file

      Open the [Excel] file that contains all the names you would like to make badges for and save it as a “Comma-separated values” file (a file with the extension “csv”).

      creating a csv file

      Create a file CSV file on your desktop software

      Save as a CSV file

      Save your spread sheet as a CSV file

    2. Import the csv file into NamePrint Graphics

      1. Open NamePrint Graphics, choose “Start Making Name Badges”
      2. Go to “File” -> “Import Data”
      3. In the second screen of the wizard, select the csv file you just created
      Import CSV Data

      Import your CSV file

      import into NPG with the wizzard

      Import CSV into NPG software using the wizzard

      open CSV

      Open CSV

    3. Match The template to the csv file

      1. Select a template file that has the lines you need. In our example we have created a simple 2 line template.
      2. Click “Next” to continue
      3. The “Field Information” screen will let you choose which lines you would like to associate to which columns of your csv file. Our template matches setup matches our csv file setup so we selected the first line to contain the items from the first column and the second line the second column.
      4. Click “Next” to continue
      open template

      Open template

      make lines

      Make lines

    4. Review

      View an example of the badge before finishing the wizard. Click “Finish” when you are satisfied with the result.

review the badge

Review the badge

the result

The Result

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