Is Wearing a Name Badge Optional? Not According to a Recent U.S. Survey

Is Wearing a Name Badge Optional? Not According to a Recent U.S. Survey

NEW YORK, May 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – In an effort to determine how best to brand and distinguish employees and foster better working relationships, a recent survey of 1,000 men and women across the U.S. was conducted by Social Science Research Solutions (SSRS) for Imprint Plus, leading manufacturer of customized, re-usable, magnetic name badge systems. When asked how important it was to recognize a person by name when doing business, an overwhelming number of the total respondents (96%) said yes. Over 70% of all respondents stated that it is important to identify a sales person by name, and 76% stated that they had more trust in a business and considered the company more professional when their employees wore name badges. Surprisingly, the percentages were higher overall among the 18-34 year old demographic.

“Clearly, customers place a higher level of trust in businesses that visibly brand and distinguish their staff by identifying them with professional name badges that promote accountability and further a commitment to customer relations,” says Marla Kott, CEO of Imprint Plus. “Companies invest a great deal of monies and effort into their branding operations, and employees are the key to a successful branding initiative.”

The survey further probed the importance of personal branding and asked if wearing a name badge would help one to “stand out” in job searches and help with career advancement. Seventy-five percent of the total respondents said yes, and higher percentages were reported across the 18-54 year old demographic. When asked if wearing a name badge helps to personally brand oneself at meetings, conferences or networking events, 77% of the total respondents answered favorably, and 89% responded yes in the 35-44 year old demographic range. Name badges have become part of the total branding programs helping companies promote their employees or co-workers who act as ambassadors of their brand.

“A name badge is like a business card or resume and should be part of the entire business persona, particularly in group settings where it is easy to forget someone’s name,” added Ellen Flanders, Imprint Plus founder and president. “It is critical to be identifiable in the networking and job advancement arenas in order to effectively stand out and present your personal brand.”

Imprint Plus, maker of name badges for over thirty years, is citing an increase in name badge use by individuals and even small businesses. Rather than sticking on a plain paper label or pinning on a plastic name tag, people are choosing sleek, impressive-looking metallic name badges that showcase the wearer professionally, without falling off or damaging clothing.

Imprint Plus manufactures an assortment of name badges and systems that range from customized company name badge systems; to The Mighty Badge Kit, perfect for the small to mid-size businesses with 10+ employees; to YouWho name badges in two- and four-unit kits, starting at $25. For information on name badges, visit www.imprintplus.com, www.themightybadge.com, or www.youwhobadges.com.