Imprint Plus: Name Badges Can Make a Difference

Imprint Plus: Name Badges Can Make a Difference

“A name badge stating a sales associates’ name, title and area of expertise is a personalized introduction to the customer, one that the survey clearly establishes as a pathway to developing better customer relations with the retailer, as well as generating more sales and frequent visits,” says Marla Kott, CEO of Imprint Plus.

“Most retailers spend thousands or even millions of dollars promoting their image, a concept which includes everything from advertisements to shopping bags. However, that carefully cultivated image can be undermined when the sales associates greet customers without the proper identification tools such as customized and personalized name badges,” adds Ellen Flanders, Imprint Plus founder.

Imprint Plus’ patented name badge systems use an exclusive, magnetic backing which holds the badge firmly in place without falling off or damaging clothing, and also provide a reusable, eco-friendly solution to making personnel changes. Rather than sticking on a plain paper label or pinning on a plastic name badge, people and businesses are choosing to customize their own sleek, impressive-looking metallic name badges that showcase the wearer professionally.

Imprint Plus manufactures an assortment of name badges and signage that range from customized options and sizing for large multi-national companies; to the Mighty Badge Kit for the small to mid-size businesses with 10+ employees; to YouWho name badges in two- and four-unit kits. Imprint Plus recently introduced its multi-language version of its “plug and play” Name Print Graphics (NPG) software. The new design software supports five languages of English, Portuguese, German, French and Spanish for creating professional looking name badges in print text with graphics on any PC and a printer. In addition to the multi-language feature, the new software offers foreign language character input for Chinese and Japanese languages.

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Source: RetailingToday