Imprint Plus Name Badges on Trade Shows

Imprint Plus Name Badges on Trade Shows

We’re pros! That’s me, Ellen Flanders, on the left with CEO Marla Kott working our trade show booth.

Imprint Plus name badges participates in close to 40 trade shows each year.

Trade shows involve significant time and investment so they must be planned and executed with precision. The most important rule of thumb is set your trade show objectives in advance so you can plan your booth and marketing materials, as well as the look and feel required to meet those goals.

These trade show objectives can include:

  • Reconnecting with existing customers
  • Making new contacts
  • Bringing in new leads
  • Launching new products
  • Creating brand awareness
  • Demonstrating a new process
  • Researching competition

Hopefully all of these trade show goals will lead to new sales and a high return on investment (ROI) for the show.  Trade shows offer a wonderful opportunity to see and be seen.

The strategy for every trade show is always to get the most possible traffic to your booth. There is no better show than a busy show.

This strategy requires:

  • Marketing
  • Pre-show invitations
  • Alluring contests
  • An inviting space
  • Plus a well-dressed professional sales team

Your trade show booth also requires a team that exudes energy, warmth, and product knowledge. And of course, you need a winning product, which goes without saying for each of our Imprint Plus’ name badge brands.  You have to make a memorable impression or your products just becomes another sample thrown into a big heavy bag.

When the trade show ends, the true sales work begins. Ensuring ROI requires intense follow up.  Follow up fast and thoroughly or you and your product will be a faded memory.