Imprint Plus Name Badges New Downtown Toronto Location

Imprint Plus Name Badges New Downtown Toronto Location

The Name Badge Queens in Toronto (L to Right: Marla Kott, Ellen Flanders, and Kristin MacMillan)

In the spring of 2012, the Shareholders of Imprint Plus, Marla Kott, Kristin MacMillan, and myself Ellen Flanders, flew across the country to officially open Imprint Plus’ brand new downtown office in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Ellen and Marla in the adjoining room at the Holiday Inn

Marla, Kristin and I have been in the name badge business for 30+ years and in September of 2015 we were honoured as one of Canada’s Top Ranked Female Entrepreneurs. We have traveled in two’s countless times but what made this Toronto trip new and different was that it was the first time the three of us hit the road together! I can’t believe this hadn’t happened until then. So weird! Needless to say, we were excited.

We’re advised not to travel on the same airplane, so we all made our own way to Toronto. After a long journey, we all met up at the Holiday Inn Express on Lombard Street, only a few short blocks from our new Imprint Plus office in downtown Toronto. Upon arrival we were immediately gratified to see that the hotel staff was wearing our Imprint Plus name badges! Then, up we went to our adjoining rooms to get a good night’s rest before our first morning in the new Toronto digs.

The following day we started out with a great breakfast at the hotel, and headed over to the office at Front Street and Jarvis Street. If you don’t know Toronto, this is a primo location, directly across from the St. Lawrence Market, one of the most famous markets in North America. The Imprint Plus office is housed in a cool, heritage building, and the space has a hip, loft-like feel. I loved it the minute I walked in!

When we got there, The Toronto name badge team showed us around. They are beyond thrilled with the new space! Now they’re a lot closer to customers and vendors, and they can host meetings for all our remote name badge teams, including USA and the UK. It’s a really exciting time for them.

Pow-Wow in the Toronto Office

Imprint Plus Toronto is officially open for business!

After Day 1 of successful meetings, Marla, Kristin and I decided to head to the gym in our hotel.  Dressed in our workout clothes, iPods in hand, we took the elevators downstairs, looking for the fitness center. Lo and behold, there was no gym! So, the streets of Toronto became our treadmill. We walked on a few downtown streets, and somehow ended up in the Eaton Center, a major Toronto shopping mall. Not sure how that happened…wink, wink!

On Day 3 in Toronto, the name badge Management Team, including our Marketing Director and Controller, met us in Toronto to discuss our 3-year business strategy. We got so much done; the office just has a really great, productive vibe! We definitely took advantage of it while we were there.

Another bit of exciting news we got, while we were there in Toronto, was that Sears Canada has brought on Imprint Plus as its name badge supplier! We are proud to work with such a great company. Thanks to Joanne Richards, one of our Toronto team members, for the new contract. Great work! The good business vibes were definitely flowing that week.

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