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Preferred name badge supplier and
vendor of the top casinos

As the preferred name badge supplier and vendor of choice for over 177 of the top casinos internationally, Imprint Plus possesses critical knowledge about how casinos operate and what they need to thrive. With clients such as MGM Grand, Venetian Casino Resort and City of Dreams, we hold a long track record of success in the gaming industry. We want to bring that success to you.

Gaming establishments continue to face an ever-growing online casino industry, and as a result, the need for impeccable in-person experiences is increasing exponentially. That’s where Imprint Plus comes in. With our patented, reusable name badge and signage systems, you can:

  • Facilitate customer engagement and create a more personalized guest experience.
  • Promote brand loyalty and long lasting customer relationships by fostering a sense of commitment between your guests and your staff.
  • Offer a heightened level of customer service that reminds guests of the power of a personal touch.
  • Add badge accessories to communicate critical information such as gaming licenses.
  •  Recognize employee accomplishments and ensure that staff feel valued, appreciated and accountable.

Security & Safety

Keep Your Information Secure


Spark Customer Commitment


Enpower Your Creativity

Preferred name badge supplier and vendor of the top casinos

Your vision, your look: our high-quality, professional looking badge and signage solutions are completely customizable, which means they’re individually designed to match your unique brand image. 

Our patented system: our innovative system enables you to design and create badges in seconds, using only a smartphone or computer and a printer.

Safety and security are our top priorities: personal data never leaves your facility, employee details are never shared externally, and no files can be misplaced or go missing.

Economical & eco-friendly: by reusing badges from employee to employee, you’ll cut down on significant pay per use costs and shipping fees, and save yourself the headache and hassle of shipping wait times and potential complications. 

Exceptional customer service: the Imprint Plus team is made up of attentive industry experts that provide customized support at every step along the way.

100% satisfaction guaranteed: no hassles, no hurdles. Because when you’re 100% happy, so are we.

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