Transform your educational institution.

Identify your staff.
Welcome your students.

Create a welcoming campus environment with Imprint Plus’ reusable name badge and signage systems. When your school, university or library grounds are clearly marked with cohesive, branded signage, students and staff alike will know where they are and where they’re going without any struggle or stress. Further, ensuring that staff members are openly identified fosters authentic connection within the faculty, as well as between employees and students.

With Imprint Plus’ patented system, you can be confident that everyone has a seamless experience on campus.


Protect Your Privacy.


Facilitate Connections.


Display Your True Identity.

Identify your staff.Welcome your students

Quick, easy & low-maintenance:  our innovative name badge software allows you to design, create and assemble name badges and signs using only a smartphone or computer and a printer. 

Budget-friendly:  by reusing badges from employee to employee, and signage from event to event, you cut down on pay per use and shipping costs.

Adaptable:  whether you’re running campus events or experiencing staff turnover, the reusability of our products allows you to quickly swap insert sheets to create a brand new badge in seconds!

Top quality: our badges are cost-effective and convenient, they don’t skip on quality. Our multi-purpose badge solutions offer a professional and polished look, are made with premium materials, and have durable magnets and fasteners to ensure your badge stays in place.

Sustainable: when you go with Imprint Plus, you’re going green. Our products are eco-friendly, meaning they produce less waste and help your institution to reduce carbon footprint.

Added features: event badges are a great addition campus gatherings such as alumni events, and accessories like lapel pins or lanyards compliment any function or celebration.

Ensuring brand consistency: ensure that your brand is consistent and up-to-date with our customizable badging system. Any changes in branding can be easily accommodated with our software, ensuring that your staff are always representing your institutions desired image.

Seamless ordering process: Imprint Plus has fine tuned the ordering process so that it is smooth, secure, and tailored to your unique needs. With quick turnaround times and a team of dedicated customer service staff, you’ll get your order quickly and efficiently.

100% satisfaction guaranteed: no hassles, no hurdles. Because when you’re 100% happy, so are we.

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