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When your guests are happy, we’re happy. That’s why Imprint Plus’ innovative name badge solutions are uniquely designed to help your hospitality team truly connect with your customers. Our personalized, brand approved and reusable name badge & signage systems ensure that your employees look professional and approachable.

Imprint Plus’ Reusable Name Badge and Signage Systems allow you to create attractive, professional products with a printer and a computer or mobile device. Our creative design, quick and efficient ordering process, and polished look and feel let you personalize your corporate identity while saving time and money. Without the headaches of wait times, shipping and pay per unit costs, or constraints on your corporate aesthetic, you can focus on your clientele’s needs.


Inspire Customer Satisfaction.


Create The Unforgettable.

Brand Loyalty

Showcase Your Brand.

Differentiate yourself: reusable and customizable badges enable your creative designs to come to life and help your team stand out from the crowd. 

Brand consistency: communicate your brand values with a badge design that keeps staff looking sharp, cohesive and consistent across franchises.

Lower your carbon footprint: go green with Imprint Plus! With product lines that are both eco-conscious and economical, you save money AND the environment. 

Save time, reduce costs: reusable means adaptable. With our products, there’s no need to stress when conditions change.

Enhance your customers’ experience: identify the needs of your guests by identifying yourself. When guests know where to go and who to speak with, their hospitality experience is one of relaxation and enjoyment. 

100% satisfaction guranteed: no hassles, no hurdles. Because when you’re 100% happy, so are we.

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