Kids Cloth Face Mask Set (5 Pack)

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About Face Masks


Wearing masks for school is an unfortunate reality facing many children this year. Our Kids 'Back To School' cloth face mask pack includes 5 premium quality adjustable cloth face masks that are comfortable to wear.

The masks are reusable, washable and come in 5 different color styles that your children will love. We also include a mask clip (lanyard) with a safety breakaway, to help your children safely carry their mask around their neck, and avoid losing it. Each pack also comes with its own mesh laundry bag, making the masks easy to clean.

Our masks have a contoured fit with adjustable ear straps to securely fit a wide variety of face shapes and ages.

Each mask in the pack is color-coded - one for each day of the school week, helping you to easily identify that your child is heading off to school with a fresh mask every day.

Please note these face masks are non-medical, non-surgical masks. 


Pack Contents


• 5 premium quality, adjustable face masks (fits most children from 3-11 years)

• A washable mesh laundry pouch

• A children's size lanyard with safety break (lanyard pops-off if pulled)