Marla Kott: Total Food Service Interview

Marla Kott: Total Food Service Interview

“It [food service signage] is a reusable system, which means that it is not only green and sustainable, but over time, it saves the food service operators a significant amount of Money…” – Marla Kott, 2014

July 2014 – Marla Kott is not only the co-founder and CEO of Imprint Plus, but also the driving force of this million-dollar business of premium name badge and food service signage systems. Having launched two other product lines that branch off of Imprint Plus, the company’s businesses have expanded to providing different types of products to cater to a large demand for food service name badges and restaurant signage nation-wide. Kott has built an empire based on customer service branding tools, and she claims innovation is the key to her success.

Innovation and technological development have been fundamental principles of this name badge company, and Marla makes this a strong corporate priority in serving Imprint Plus customers in the ever-changing markets.

“…From the lens covers that go over the food service signage, to the anodized aluminum base and suction cups, everything is [reusable].” – Marla Kott, 2014

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This interview is from July 2014 issue of Total Food Service News Section page 18, 97, and 100.