Name Badge Road Warriors

Name Badge Road Warriors

Name Badge Warrior at Princeton University!

I set out on to the highways and byways of New Jersey and Pennsylvania last week with our new name badge Manufacturer’s Representative, Mike Hutchinson of Hutchinson’s Marketing (see handsome gentleman above).  I thought I was a road warrior, but Mike put me to shame.

He sets out each week in a 22 year old Mercedes station wagon, full to the brim with name badge samples, catalog, and some basics to ensure that he’s clean and professionally-dressed (and sane). Last week I joined him with my basics: the MIGHTY BADGE Name Badge Kits, my iPad, and my memory foam pillow. Off we go!

I see the New York skyline in the distance, but Mike drives in a different direction, heading down the New Jersey highways. We’re en route to meet several promotional products dealers who sell their products to companies up and down the East Coast. We traveled New Jersey for two days, with a stop for lunch at Princeton University-a highlight!

In terms of sleeping arrangements, I soon found out that Road Warriors go for hotels with free wireless and breakfast, a gym, and, most importantly, a Friends & Family rate. We were successful meeting those requirements most nights.  Thank goodness I had my trusty pillow.

After crisscrossing the great state of New Jersey, we were on to Pennsylvania! Again I see the big city in the distance-Philadelphia is so close I can smell it-but again we go in another direction, away from the city. We’re en route to meet with clients in small towns who worked out of stately old homes finished with Pennsylvania fieldstone.  We passed a school that was established in 1642. I had never been to this very historic part of the United States. It’s truly beautiful.

Mike turned 41 on our road trip, so we celebrated in true Pennsylvania style, at a restaurant that was about to celebrate it’s 300th anniversary.

Hardcore equals celebrating your birthday on the road.

All in all, I learned a ton about name badge marketing and sales on the road. Mike has great clients and I can see they like and respect him.  I got to meet them all and introduce them to the Mighty Badge kits. The life of a true road warrior is not for all.  It has amazing unexpected highlights, great customers to visit, but also a lot of driving.  We spent 8 to 9 hours in the car each day.

So, Would I do it again?  In a heartbeat!