The Name Game of Job Hunting

The Name Game of Job Hunting

This March, Imprint Plus will be donating 15% of orders to “Dress for Success,” a not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to helping women achieve economic independence. As a woman-owned business, we know the importance of working in a job that allows you to fulfill your goals of self-reliance and success in the workplace. As a company dedicated to the manufacturer and marketing of re-usable, eco-friendly, do-it-yourself reprintable professional looking name badges, we know the value of personal branding and expressing your identity through the wearing of name badges.

Here are some job hunting and networking tips that may be helpful in finding that dream job and how wearing a name badge to let yourself be “known” to perspective employers.

First impressions are lasting impressions, so dress appropriately for the workplace and look successful to be viewed as successful. No fad clothing or loud patterns. Wear clothing that you would wear at the job location.

Wear a name badge when networking, so that you stand apart from the others. As potential employer or client is making eye contact with you, he/she will notice your name badge and process your name more readily in his/her mind. If the badge is professionally done, and sleek-looking, it is sure to make a positive impression.

Do your research. There is nothing more off putting then talking to a potential canidate and they have no idea who you or your company are. If you are going somewhere and you are sure certain companies or people are attending do your research and make sure you know the ‘elevator pitch’ of their business and them. This additionally helps you create a list of people you should aim to try and meet if this is a networking event.

Be curious and ask questions. Whether you are in an interview or meeting a potential employer in a more social environment like a networking event or tradeshow remember to turn up your listening skills. Ask about the person, their job even personal interests and listen carefully about what they say. Ensure you are responding in line and collecting information that might help you see where you can add value to this person or their company.

Ever watch an Advertisement and not remember who it was for? Think it’s funny to wear a name badge? It wouldn’t be too funny if you spent a long while talking to someone at a job fair, networking or employment environment, and in the end, they left without really having “caught” your name. You introduce yourself once by saying your name, but wearing a name badge increases the likelihood that you will make a lasting impression, be remembered and make a connection. And don’t forget to wear it on the right so the eye is naturally drawn to it while shaking hands. Finally ensure the font is large enough that they can read it easily from a distance.

Being anonymous is too easy, especially now, when most of us are used to sitting behind a computer. Wear a name badge, helps to create conversation; it can prove to be the icebreaker that gets the conversation going in the job direction.

Once an introduction is made, be sure to make a proper handshake and greeting. Handshakes should be firm not bone-crushing and no sweaty or limp handshakes please. If nervous, carry a handkerchief in your pocket and wipe your right hand before extending.

It’s said that employers would rather hire a person who is employed. When going to a job fair or networking function to look for work, wear a name badge that has your name and, in a smaller font, the title matching your qualifications (i.e. Bookkeeper, Office Manager, Logistics Specialist) – even if you are interning, volunteering, or simply providing consulting to family and friends.