Name Plates

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  1. Reusable Metal Name Plates

    The classic sign is an office staple. Available in silver and gold, aluminum or steel, it’s the perfect choice for displaying employee names. Thanks to its reusable components, you’ll reduce the cost of employee turnover while limiting your waste output. And, with our custom software, each sign is completely personalized.


  2. Reusable Plastic Name Plates

    The contemporary sign features interchangeable mounting options to switch between desk stands, wall fixtures and cubicle work-stations. Use this sign to mark room names, employee names or department titles and enjoy seamless branding throughout your workplace.


  3. Personalized Metal Name Plates

    Enhance your workplace with beautifully printed metal desk and door signs. You’ll create a perfectly branded atmosphere and assist your clients as they navigate your facility. Each UV printed design is offered in the standard metal colour and includes unlimited lines of text.


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