The Perfect Luggage for Business Travel

The Perfect Luggage for Business Travel

The Ultimate Business Travel Luggage

Business solutions are often found in the unlikeliest places.

For instance, one of my favorite mentors recommends that one should never read a business book for learning; he maintains it is far better to read books from every discipline to keep your mind sharp and your spirit innovative.

Travel is also a vigorous teacher.

For those of us who travel for business, it is often challenging to recognize that the actual travel time is part of the business journey, and should be valued.  Business life is best experienced when every moment is considered part of the journey to success.

So how do I make the most of my business travel? With the perfect luggage of course!

In recent years there’s been a major movement in favor of the Carry-On Suitcase. I have witnessed the transition from bringing everything, to wheeling everything, to weighing everything, to carrying everything. I too jumped on board this bandwagon several years ago, albeit skeptically at first.

It seemed impossible that I could pack and carry all my cosmetics in such tiny sizes and suitably bagged! Then came the barrage of the mini size toiletries, perfect for air travel. One of my favorite sites for this is 3floz.com, a great e-tailer that sells luxury beauty and grooming products in TSA-approved, 3 fluid ounce sizes. Perfect! I officially mastered cosmetic packing for business travel. Now, all I needed was the perfect luggage for business travel.

So, off I went in search of another new piece of luggage that I could easily lift and carry, would look professional, and efficiently house the business clothes, workout clothes, and work items needed for each 3-4 day trip.

Where did I find her? My perfect bag was not in a luggage department, nor one  included in business magazine. She does not have wheels, is supremely lightweight, and has a ridiculous amount of compartments. Who is she?

She is MOUNTAIN EQUIPMENT CO-OP’s MEC Carry On II Travel Pack! This little lady is so easy to carry that I’m able to run between early and late planes! She has so many nooks and crannies that packing and unpacking has become a breeze! She truly is the perfect business travel companion, and makes business travel just a little bit smoother. I am so thrilled to have found her. Sometimes a great business solution can be found in the unlikeliest of places.