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Eco-friendly name badge solutions for casino and gaming facilities

Did you know that Imprint Plus is the preferred name badge supplier and vendor of choice for 200 of the top casinos internationally? We count gaming giants such as Wynn Resorts, City of Dreams, Venetian Casino Resort, Casino de Montréal, Mohegan Sun, and MGM Grand amongst our clients.

So many gaming resort properties choose our premium quality, reusable name badges because they look professionally engraved, but offer the convenience of in-house custom creation and reusability. Save time and money by reusing badge components, simply updating the personalized insert for each new or promoted team member, from dealers to valets through to security guards.

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Our reusable name badge system is famous for:

  • Personalized Designs
    Enabling name badges to be reused and customized for new and promoted staff members quickly and easily right in your casino
  • Brand Consistency
    Creating a consistent and polished badge design in line with your brand that can be used across multiple locations
  • Strong Fasteners
    Creating non-slip designs for active shift workers
  • Reducing Costs
    The reusable nature of our name tags saves you money and time
  • Enhanced Badges
    Enabling additional IDs and licences to be attached to the name badge with our accessories
  • Engaging Customers
    Facilitating connections between staff and patients enhancing the overall patient experience
  • Customer Service
    Providing personal customer service to assist you with anything and everything
  • Guaranteeing quality
    Offering one-year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship


We are most impressed with the quality of these [name badge] products. The simplicity of typing name badges and inserting them into a re-usable [name] plate makes it a pleasant task to follow through. In fact: today we finished typing and assembling 365 name tags for our Call Center department staff members. It only took 3 hours to complete this request. Its cost effectiveness makes it easier for us to replace [casino] name tags without having to throw away the “old fashioned engraved style” name tags

– Jackie Valladares, Employment Coordinator, MGM Resorts International

We are now able to prepare and give a name tag to an [casino] employee on the same day, which is light years ahead of what we were able to offer in the past

– Chantal Pelletier, Casino de Montréal 

“I recommend [Imprint Plus badges] because of the quality of the print and ease of printing the badge. The Venetian was actually carving large plastic badges with names [before Imprint Plus]. When you have over 4000 employees, it is much easier to type in the names and let the printer do the rest!”

-Jack E. Petersen, Purchasing Manager, Sands Expo and Convention Center






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Call 1-855-286-2158 or


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