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Reusable Library ID Name Tags & Educational Name Badges

Imprint Plus™ education and library name badge customers grew by 20% in 2011 alone, and the number of reusable name badges sold to libraries, universities and other educational institutions sky-rocketed by 52%, from 16,428 to 24,922! We must be doing something right; we’re so thankful for your custom name badge business.

Why Reusable Name Badges are Perfect for Education and Libraries

Imprint Plus™ currently supplies custom education employee name badges and library name badges to Universities, Colleges, and Libraries across the nation, and they love the savings of our reusable name badge system. Printable education name badges can be customized for visitors, student staff and volunteers, as well as your regular full-time employees.

Reusable Name Badge System Benefits & Features

  • Easy Start-Up: Print education name badges on-site with your existing laser printer
  • Interchangeable parts: Swap out any damaged name badge part with the badge still intact
  • No per unit shipping: We ship name badges in kits that last 6-12 months on average
  • Reusable ID Name Tags: When you reuse our name badges, you save approximately 25¢ per badge and reduce environmental impact

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Testimonials for Imprint Plus™ Education and Library Name Badges

DIY Name Badge Design

Okanagan Regional Library custom name badge designed by them!

“We are so happy to have discovered the Imprint Plus name badge system. Many of our staff have multiple roles throughout a large regional library system, and this makes it so easy for them to use various inserts depending on what role they are doing. Also, we are considering a logo change in the future and the Imprint Plus system will make it simple to create new [name badge] inserts when needed. Not to mention it’s more attractive and less costly than our old nametags! Thank you!”

– Marla O’Brien, Public Relations Officer, Okanagan Regional Library (2012)

“Your company is one of the best customer service driven companies that I have dealt with in the past 17+ years of doing this.”

– Mike Anderson CPM, Purchasing Manager, Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts (2010)

“[T]he badges are great…[T]he badges, which look just as good as the ones that we used to pay a great deal for on previous occasions.”

– Matthew Ralph, Brunel University

“We have printed out our name badges and they look wonderful. Very professional looking!”

– Jill Boogs-Brust, Account Manager, Ohionet (2010)

“I love how you can make your [name] badge and have it when you want it. I have been using them for library events.”

Adelle Reid, Business Manager, King Township Public Library (2010)




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Call 1-855-286-2158 or



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