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Name Badges for alumni groups, universities, libraries and other educational institutions

Imprint Plus has helped connect students and educators for the last three decades. In libraries, schools, and universities around the world teachers and students have created personalized name badges and signage allowing them to smoothly run events, introduce themselves to peers, or be identifiable whilst on campus. Clip on ID holders are especially popular with the education sector as a method of having passes readily accessible and increasing security on-site.

A range of oval and rectanglular badges that would be suitable for teachers, students, professors, highschool, primary school, and preschool staff.

Why are we the industry leader in name badges and signage for educational organisations? We have designed a patented, reusable name badge system which perfectly meets the needs of the education industry by:

  • Creating a consistent and polished badge design in line with your brand that can be used across multiple locations
  • Designs can be customized for group members, visitors, student, staff and volunteers allowing stakeholders to easily distinguish, connect and network with one another
  • Enabling name badges to be reused and customized for new and promoted staff members quickly and easily
  • Enabling efficient badge creation for events and conferences
  • Simplifying administration of your institute’s name badge and signage program
  • Providing customer service to assist you with everything and anything
  • Offering a one year limited warranty against defects in workmanship and materials
reusable club name tags are beneficial to your business in three main ways. The first way reusable name badges benefit sports organizations is through saving money and reducing costs. The second way resuable seasonal resort name badges can benefit your team is by engaging customers. The ability to personalize resort and club name badges is the third most popular benefit of this industry leading badge design.


“We are so happy to have discovered the Imprint Plus name badge system. Many of our staff have multiple roles throughout a large regional library system, and this makes it so easy for them to use various inserts depending on what role they are doing. Also, we are considering a logo change in the future and the Imprint Plus system will make it simple to create new [name badge] inserts when needed. Not to mention it’s more attractive and less costly than our old nametags! Thank you!”

– Marla O’Brien, Public Relations Officer, Okanagan Regional Library

“Your company is one of the best customer service driven companies that I have dealt with in the past 17+ years of doing this.”

– Mike Anderson CPM, Purchasing Manager, Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts

Easy to use. Easy to set up. Cost effective.”

– Elizabeth, rated Imprint Plus 5/5 on Trustpilot

Imprint Plus is a great company! Their products are well designed and easy to work with. Their service is excellent! I can place an order with them today and it is processed and at my business in a very short amount of time.”

– Lesa, rated Imprint Plus 5/5 on Trustpilot


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Call 1-855-286-2158 or


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