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We Have A Long History in Banking & Financial ID Name Tags

When looking “professional” and “credible” is your business, it’s so important that your front-line team looks the part. A premium, brand-right banking name badge is a huge part of that picture.

Traditionally when you think of top-end banking name badges or financial ID name tags, you think about engraved badges that are sold individually, and include a lead time for engraving and delivery. But, Imprint Plus™, the top name badge supplier in Canada and the US, is thrilled to introduce our financial ID name badge product into this high-end mix!

This professional, reusable banking name badge system from Imprint Plus™ makes so much sense, not only for the financial services industry but for casinos and gaming resorts as well. The bottom line here is that Imprint Plus™ printable banking name badges will save you thousands of dollars over engraved, one-time-use name badges. Not only do you NOT have to pay shipping and labor per unit, but also you can actually reuse the reusable name badge components, which can bring costs down as low as 25¢ per badge.

The best part is that they look professionally engraved and top end, despite the convenient in-house creation and reusability. It’s no wonder that top banking and financial institutions such as American Express, American National Bank, First National Bank, Interbank, Investors Group Credit Union, and many more financial institutions in the USA and Canada choose professional and affordable banking name badges and financial ID name tag solutions from Imprint Plus™.

Why Imprint Plus™ Banking Name Badges Are Perfect for Finance

As we understand it, our banking name badge system addresses pretty much everything that you’re trying to achieve with your financial ID name tag program. Now you can make your own name badges that promote:

  • Brand consistency across multiple branches
  • A polished, “credible” name badge look for tellers, advisers and other front line staff
  • Personal relationships with branch customers
  • Customer loyalty
  • Simplified administration of your banking name badge program

Your personalized banking name badges can be a welcome “gift” for new staff on their first day, plus:

  • Save money per name badge unit
  • Reduce waiting time for badge creation
  • Magnetic banking name badges means no more pin-holes!

Banking Name Badge System Benefits & Features

Banking name badge and signage solutions from Imprint Plus™ have a myriad of benefits and features that can work for your financial business, but these are the ones we think really make our name badge system valuable for the banking industry:

  • Professional name badge product on par with engraved options
  • Instant badge creation eliminates shipping lead times
  • In-house name badge creation eliminates shipping costs
  • Banking name badge kits eliminates all per unit costs
  • Magnetic name badge fasteners won’t damage jackets and shirts
  • Award-winning color matching ensures brand-right logo [on custom badge plates]

Credit Unions Love Imprint Plus™ Name Badges

Today 90 million+ Americans rely on credit unions to meet their financial needs—an amazing accomplishment. Most credit unions agree that their look must match their level of success and as you well know, your credit union industry depends on the loyalty of its members. Buying Imprint Plus™ personalized credit union name badges and/or signage means you’re making an investment in introducing your front line staff to your customers, consistently and professionally. Key Credit Union name badge customers include Synergy, Investors Group, and Navy Federal, amongst many others.

Testimonials from Imprint Plus™ Banking Name Badge Customers

“Ever had to have a [banking] name badge “right away”, and you don’t have the means to do it internally, so, you send it to an outside source and within a week or so, you have your name badge? If so, you would be like we were. However, we changed this scenario a couple of years ago by switching to name badges from Imprint Plus. Since then, we get to “WOW” our employees with a name badge instantly, and at less costs than before. Win – Win. And, it makes you look good!!!”

Bob St. Germain, Manager of Human Resources, Synergy Credit Union

“You folks are great!!!  Thank [you] for [your] efforts in helping us out, but most of all I THANK YOU for taking the ball and running with this for me.  I am new in this position and didn’t know how this was handled in the past and the folks who had this position before me are no longer here”

Yolanda Caruthers, Boone County National Bank (2010)

“The [banking name badges] were well received by our employees. They were easy to apply and made a big statement to customers. A great option for marketing when space is limited on desktops.”

– Tracy Lewis, Human Resources Specialist, Cadence Bank (2011)

“We love our new [banking] badges! They look so professional and stylish, and I like printing them out.”

– Svetlana Evans, Human Resources, Alpine Bank




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